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About Me

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Thanks for stopping by!


My name is Kendall Smith and I am Designer with a background in Visual Design and Psychology, seeking to use my design skills to create beautiful digital solutions.

As a former Wedding Cake Designer of 8 years, coupled with my passion for human Psychology (B.A.), I have the drive to create not only beautiful but impactful designs.


With UX design, I was excited to find a path that enables me to combine my creative and analytical sides of my brain. I am excited to have found a career that focuses on the impact of others, emphasizes empathy, and understands the importance of researched-based decisions.


Coming from a highly inventive, explorative, time sensitive, and empathy-driven field, Cake Design has prepared me by being able to work cross-functionally with multiple teams, manage strict deadlines, problem solve, and design creatively.


I pride myself on creating goal-focused designs that not only spark inspiration but meet the needs of the client and the user, all the while finding the design fun inbetween.

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